"Francis Albert Sinatra started his career as a crooner in a band in Hoboken, New Jersey and became a world- class icon. He has won the Academy Award for his acting and a Grammy for his music. As far as I am concerned ...Frank was a "must do." There were volumes of reference material to choose from, but even the most carefully chosen photographs are hard pressed to visually capture Frank's musical journey. As a young "band singer," Frank was simply known as "The Voice."

His concerts were packed with thousands of teenage girls known as "Bobby Soxers" because of the white-cuffed socks that they wore. Each girl was clamoring to get a better view, or a chance to touch Frank…or maybe each one just wanted to pretend that "The Voice" was singing just to her.
Whenever I paint a visual biography there is always a part of the piece that holds a special place in my heart. In this instance, I especially enjoy the expressions on the faces of the teenage girls. These expressions tell you everything you need to know about "Ol' Blue Eyes"...he was an idol then and he is an icon now."

-Rick Holton

Frank Sinatra
Medium: watercolor
Sale: originals are not for sale
Size: 20" x 30"
Prints: $200/ signed and numbered


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