"When I was about fourteen years old, my barber, a jazz buff, told me that I reminded him of Miles Davis. That's when I listened to him for the first time. I liked what I heard and as a result the trumpet became my favorite instrument. I don't remember just what tune I heard but I knew he just looked like a real cool dude in the pictures inside the album cover. When I found out later that Miles was an artist as well, I became a life long fan.

Take a look at the upper right hand corner of this piece. Those be-boppers (Thelonius Monk, Howard McGhee, Roy Eldridge and Teddy Hill) look as though they are giving Miles their smiles of approval.

Miles was so intense looking that it's always a pleasure to paint him. From where I sit, Mr. Davis is miles ahead."

-Rick Holton

Miles Davis
Medium: watercolor
Sale: originals are not for sale
Size: 20" x 30"
Prints: $200/ signed and numbered

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