"Nat King Cole personified class both personally as well as musically. Nat was a tall, quiet, and shy man, on stage, however, he proved to be a merry ol' soul indeed.

Nat was primarily known for his piano playing skills, however, once his vocal talents were unleashed the piano was forced to the back burner.

During Nat's tenure at Capital Records, he sold more singles than any other artist at Capital. In spite of his success, or because of it, there were still those who hated him.

Once, while on tour in the south, before a packed house, Nat was attacked by a group of white troublemakers. Although visibly shaken, Nat was able to perform at a "later show" to a standing ovation.

Nat truly believed that the show always went on…he was a real trouper.

-Rick Holton

Nat King Cole
Medium: watercolor
Sale: originals are not for sale
Size: 20x30
Prints: $200/ signed and numbered

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